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Conferences and Live Events Video Production

Single to multi-camera coverage offering clean audio with professional edits for conference recaps and future promotions. Packages include edits with custom graphics, presentation slides, testimonials, photography, full speaker presentations, and event highlight reels (see samples below). If you're a professional speaker or performance artist in need of a video for your resume, then contact us today!

Marketing, Non-Profit, Testimonials, Lifestyle,  Tourism...and the list goes on.

Want to let the world know about your fantastic service or product? Good video will drive traffic and broaden your market base. Our task is to fully understand your goals and put the power of video behind it. Whether your video requires a single camera or multi-camera commercial shoot with all the bells and whistles, we have the expertise and flexibility to accommodate a range of budgets. 


Aerial Photography/Video

The drone is a game changer in the world of video and photography. Whether it's a gliding shot slightly above the marsh or a panoramic view above the tree line, we'll make sure every angle is covered. We look forward to visiting your location, finding out what makes it special, and framing it beautifully for the world to see. We are drone certified by the FAA. Check out our aerial views below.


Let us tell your story to achieve your goals.  Contact us.

Conference Recap
Informational - Orthodontics
Service - HVAC
Golf Fundraiser
Industrial - WABCO Safety Guidelines
Service - Rug Cleaning
Non-Profit - Meal Distribution
Service - Financial Advisors
Fundraising Gala
Product - Euro Fence Collection
Service - Pet Care
Millennium Private Wealth
Fundraising - The Charleston Museum
Dental Charity Event
Professional Speaker
Summerville Orchestra
Conference Recap Video
Service - Website Banner
Day in the Life - Custom Car Builder
Fashion Shoot - Scarves and Jewelry
Testimonial - Symposium
Drone - Multi-Family Residential
Non-Profit - Child Abuse Center
Testimonial - Real Estate

Ben Hough
Owner/Creative Director

I started Artistic Eye Productions in 2004 to help clients achieve their personal and business goals through the powerful medium of video. My job is to engage your audience using artistic visuals and crisp audio. Cinema is one of the strongest and widely used forms of communication today and it continues to grow. 85% of all internet users in the USA watched online content (Statista) and videos attract nearly 300% more traffic (MarketingSherpa). Peter Roybal, Product Manager of LinkedIn states, "Video has become one of the key drivers for member engagement on LinkedIn." Nearly 50% of internet users look for video related to a product or service before visiting a store (Hubspot). Businesses that can leverage the influence of video will have an edge over their competition. Find out more about my philosophy on video in the section below Video 101.

Fun Facts: After graduating with a BFA in multimedia, Ben began his professional career in the video production department of the NFL Carolina Panthers. Ben is a South Carolina native, avid tennis player and amateur topiary artist (view sculptures). He enjoys spending free time hiking at state parks, attending local theater productions, reading historical biographies (recent reads), and painting (view artwork).

AEP_video production setup.jpg
About Us


"We love our contest videos. It gets our social media buzzing!"

Greer Reagin / Reagin Orthodontics / Marketing Manager

"Great work! My associates and clients are very happy with the finished product. What a great way to celebrate our company's 50th anniversary."

Robert Gruber / YCR Law / Partner

"Job well done! Exactly what we wanted to show off our accommodations."

Ron Jaicks / Wingate by Wyndham / Property Manager

"Client feedback was positive. Video looks great!"

John Gruveau / Boom Marketing / Creative Director

"You did a splendid job recording our concert. I can't wait to show off this gorgeous video."

Rachel Chesser / Charleston Men's Chorus / Public Relations

Join the growing list of clients who trust Artistic Eye Productions to meet their video needs.
Video 101

A truly great marketing video both informs and inspires viewers to give you their attention (and open their wallets). Whether you are selling a product or service, video can introduce your message to potential customers better than other mediums. The following are guidelines Artistic Eye uses for producing great videos.

1. Solve the Problem

What problem is your product or service solving? How does it enrich your customers' lives? Is it inspiring a customer/donor to do more? Is it increasing their overall happiness?

2. Show and tell

Show off your product/service, and tell your customers about it. It's that simple. But be careful when pouring in the ingredients to make a stellar video. Remember, the message is what is important, not the number of artsy and fancy graphics mixed into your video. Yes, special effects can be a nice enhancement, but if viewers don't know what you are promoting after the sparkles have disappeared, then they probably won't be inspired to become customers. Also, when showing off the technical aspects of your product/service don't forget to introduce the people behind the scenes who made it and use it. 

3. Drive a sports car

Contrary to what your mother told you, it's not just what's on the inside that counts. The outside counts too. Think of it in terms of buying a new car. Sure, all cars on the lot will take you from point A to point B. But, some cars are more stylish, powerful and more comfortable to drive. You could have a great message, but if your visuals lack quality and style, then no one is going to pay attention. Using professional grade camera equipment and knowing how to use that expensive equipment is how we make your product/service the coolest car on the lot. Injecting your video with personality is a great way to differentiate you from the millions of others out there.

4. Cater to your target audience

Often when bands go on tour, they will shout out the name of the city they are playing. We recommend doing the same in your product video, figuratively or even literally. Whether it's a certain demographic or geographic audience you are targeting, you should customize your product video to be highly relevant to your potential customers.

5.Don't use scare tactics

Nothing screams cheap infomercial like attempting to scare people into purchasing your product/service. By fear, we mean FOMO; what kids say to refer to the "fear of missing out". When businesses try to sell the risks of not buying their product/service, they are using fear as a cheap tactic to get people to buy. A great business like yours should focus on the benefits of your product/service, rather than scare tactics.

6. Connect, human to human

It's all too easy to talk AT your audience in a product/service video instead of TO them. Because your goal is to start a conversation with a potential customer, do your best to connect with the human on the other side of the screen. Be subtle and engage your viewers' emotions.

7. Include a call to action

Make it easy for potential customers to purchase your product/service once the video comes to an end. How? Include a call to action, or a next step/destination. If a person makes it all the way to the end of your three-minute vacuum cleaner demonstration, they are probably interested in buying that vacuum.

In summary, to make a successful marketing video, be direct, creative and hire Artistic Eye Productions. See, I ended with a call to action.

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Charleston Tri-County, Columbia, Beaufort, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina  |  Tel: 843.214.5968

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